Suspected malware (eg. viruses)

Malware can slow down your PC, cause loss of data, or even steal your personal information; it is important to eradicate suspected malware infections. We can use tools to scan your PC for malware and then remove it.

Windows running slow

We can advise you on things that may be causing your system to run slowly. Maybe you could benefit from having your Windows install completely refreshed, just like it was brand new.

PC not booting

There are a number of reasons why a PC may not boot. If for example a laptop has been dropped, it is common that the hard disk drive is damaged by this. It could also be that the RAM has become unseated. We can interpret the systems self test functions and error codes to determine the cause, and if necessary reconfigure or replace parts to fix it.

Fans noisy or overheating

Laptops and desktops can both suffer from this. Over years they accumulate dust in their fans and heatsinks which significantly limits their ability to dissipate heat. This can cause your PC to slow down or even shutdown unexpectedly to protect itself from overheating.