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Not sure what you want or need? The CPU is the most important part of your build, so let’s take a look at some of your options. Below are CPUs from AMD and Intel.


CPUs from £45

These CPUs are great when you want an up-to-date PC but have a tight budget. Get some of the latest features like DDR4 memory support and Intel hyper-threading without breaking the bank.


CPUs from £95

Ideal for a budget gaming rig, these CPUs are a great bang-for-buck choice; this also makes them perfect for non-intensive office use.


CPUs from £170

Great general performance, perfect for the power user or multitasker. Great mid-tier options for gamers.


CPUs from £300

“Experience elite performance in games, content creation, and intense multi-tasking” – AMD. This says it all about the AMD Ryzen 9, expect as much from the Intel Core i7.


CPUs from £460

Want the best gaming experience? Then you may be looking in the right place. The intel i9s boast some of the highest single thread benchmark performance. They are great at multitasking too; 8 cores with hyperthreading (16 threads).


CPUs from £1260

“Threadripper; the most powerful desktop processors in the world”

It’s all about the multithreading! Threadripper boasts 48, 64, and 128 thread CPUs. All that power won’t come cheap though; up to £3700 (CPU only).