Anti-malware is software that runs on your PC to prevent malware like computer viruses. Having anti-malware software is highly recommended; as malware can cause serious problems such as loss of data or stolen personal details. We can set advise you on anti-malware and set this up on your PC.


Most people who have internet access use email these days; if you have a new computer or email address we can set up an email client on your PC so you can view your emails. If you need a new email address we can also help you with this.

Microsoft Office

If you use your PC for work you may want Microsoft Office for producing documents and spreadsheets etc. We can help you to buy a license for Office and install it on your PC.

Windows 10

Windows 10 is one of the most commonly used operating systems today. If you have issues with your Windows and need a reinstall, or have a PC you want upgraded from Windows 8 or 7 we can help with this. It is recommended to upgrade to Windows 10, as older versions of Windows don’t get access to all the latest security updates.